African Clawed Frog

The African Clawed Frog  (Xenopus laevis)

These frogs are the only species of amphibian known to actually have claws. They will use them to tear up flesh for food. The African clawed frog is fairly popular as a pet and is easy to care for. They are similar to the dwarf frogs that are very common in most stores that sell tropical fish. The  Xenopus laevis (African Clawedhas only webbed back feet, while the dwarf’s have webbing on all fourThese frogs are found in the South-Eastern portion of Africa. They are common in ponds and rivers of Sub-Saharan  areas. Males are usually 20%  smaller than females. This species does not have a tongue or a vocal sac as most frogs do. They do however make calls to signal breeding. The males will contract muscles which make noises similar to that of a cricket while underwater.


African clawed frog

African Frog resting on the bottom of the water.

A large African clawed frog

In this image you can clearly see the non webbed front feet of this species. Often mislabeled as the African Dwarf, which has four webbed feet and lacks claws.

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