Borneo Eared or Bony Headed Flying Frog

Borneo Eared Tree Frog (Polypedates otilophus)

Other Names:  File-eared tree frog or bony-headed flying frog

Location: Borneo, Sumatra and other Indonesian Islands

This species can be found in rain forest trees and shrubs. It will lay it’s eggs low on branches above water in a frothy nest. They make the nest similar to the smoky jungle frog, in that they beat the nest into a frothy substance in which to lay eggs. Once the tadpoles hatch they fall into the water. The Borneo eared enjoys eating insects, it has a special fondness for large tree crickets which offer a significant meal for them.

Identification: This species has large growths behind their eyes that look a bit like ears. They are not a hefty species by any means. They tend to be very bony. The Borneo eared tree dweller is not endangered but considered rare to be found in the pet trade. They aren’t very lively, therefore don’t make entertaining pets for most people.

The Bony headed flying frog has a unique shape to its legs that offer aerodynamic gliding through the air. You will notice in the images below that the legs have a little extra webbing that give it a very interesting and special design.

A bony-headed flying frog on a branch

A side view of the Borneo Eared Frog

A resting borneo tree frog, or  Polypedates otilophus

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