Fire Bellied Toad

Oriental Fire Bellied Toad (Bombina orientalis)

Breeding: The eggs are attached to rocks and plants, within 3 weeks they will hatch and the tadpoles will appear.

Location: South Eastern Asia

Spending most time on the land the Bombina orientalis is semi-aquatic, inhabiting warm, humid forested regions.

The bright bellies of these toads serve as a warning for predators of the toxins in this species. They have a bright orange belly that is characteristic of poisonous species. When frightened they will emit a milky toxic substance. They will also frequently lay on their backs when afraid to show off or “warn” potential predators of their deadly flavor.

These toads are a common pet and seem to do well in captivity, they are a hardy species with impressive coloration.

Fire bellied toad

Note the bright colored belly on this toad.

Fire Bellied Toad

Fire Bellied Toad

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