Frogs For Kids

The Best Pet Frogs For Kids or a First Time Owner

Children love pets, they like to play with them, feed them and handle them quite a bit. Therefore you will have to choose a species that is hardy and can tolerate the rough handling that your kids or students might dish out. There are many species that will emit toxic chemicals when they are frightened, therefore any poisonous tree frogs should be eliminated from the list of potential candidates immediately. The bright colors of these poisonous frogs, which in nature ward off potential predators, would cause nearly every child to want to touch them. What fun would frogs be for kids if they can’t ever touch them? So here in this article, I will attempt to bring up various options of frog species that will be good potential choices for kids to own.

You should also consider the foods that many of these frogs eat. For instance some frogs have special food requirements that can be hard to come by if you don’t have a pet store or a fishing bait shop nearby. You will also need to consider the need for a clean environment for your pets. Frogs have extremely sensitive skin and require a clean living area. You probably can’t count on the kids to take care of this in most cases. However I have found most parents come to enjoy having frogs, because of the great ways to lighten up a room with a terrarium or vivarium. There  is nothing quite like a natural rainforest enclosure in the living room of your home.

The African Dwarf Frog

2 African dwarf frogs resting on the bottom of a vivarium. These frogs are very easy to care for. They can be purchased very cheap from most places that sell aquarium fish. They will spend a lot of time sitting on the bottom of the tank, but they will move around frequently to come up for air. This makes them a little more attractive to children. They can eat a variety of easy to come by foods such as frozen brine shrimp, frozen or freeze dried krill or shrimp and even chopped up night crawlers. Reptomin food sticks are another option which are inexpensive and available at any pet store. These African dwarfs look very similar to the African clawed frog  which grow much larger. Those could also be considered an option.

The Pacman Frog

A large pacman frog sitting in water.

Pacman Frog

These are a large species and often times quite colorful. They require a lot of food, but would be considered by most children to be a fun type to have. They will eat just about anything, but you should feed them night crawlers for the most part. Shrimp (the type in the frozen food aisle) will suffice for a few meals as well. Most frozen types of protein will be enjoyed by this species. Your child will be the envy of the whole neighborhood with one of these beauties. This species doesn’t move around too much, but could be held if your frog is treated nicely and has a good temperament. These are fairly easy to find in many good pet stores, or can be purchased online very easily. They come in a few colors including brown green and albino.

Whites Tree Frog

A whites tree frog stalks crickets in a small tank.

Image courtesy of: Vlad Litvinov

This species is appealing to the eye, but don’t really move around too much. They might be somewhat boring frogs for kids to own. They have fairly special food requirements and have been known to get a little picky. They prefer to eat live prey such as meal worms and crickets. You should feed these only a few times a week. They will overeat if you allow them to. These frogs aren’t known for moving around a lot, but your children will enjoy watching them stalk the crickets at feeding time.

 The Fire Bellied Asian Toad

A bright colored fire bellied Asian toad sits.

The Fire Bellied Toad

These small toads are usually quite active. They will be entertaining for children to watch and they also feature some bright colors that everyone will enjoy. They will eat worms and crickets eagerly. They don’t need to be fed very frequently, only every few days. The only downside of these toads is their slightly poisonous skin secretions. They are safe to handle, but I wouldn’t hold them too often (especially if you have open cuts). This should not be a problem if you thoroughly wash your hands after each handling. The fire bellied toad is fairly inexpensive and a great children’s or beginners first frog or toad.

Keeping pets is a great way to teach kids responsibility and is quite fun. From the landscaping of the amphibians enclosure to the fun enjoyed by all during feeding, frogs are a great choice for a first pet.  Frogs as children’s pets are certainly less trouble to maintain than many other choices and should be considered.


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