Green and Black Poison Dart Frog

Green and Black Poison Dart (Dendrobates auratus)

Also called: Green and black poison dart frog, Mint poison frog

Where Found: Central America and Northwestern parts of South America in the Amazon

Green and Black Poison Dart Frog Call

Breeding: The frogs all gather together in an area. The males call to the females to signify breeding. Once a female has selected her choice male, they move to the area that the male has chosen as a prime place to lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch the male frog carries the tadpoles on his back into the trees, where they are released into small pools in the leaves and bromeliads. The tadpoles then feed upon the small insects and algae in said pool.

The Mint Poison frog is one of the least poisonous species of dart frog. They can actually be handled by a human as long as they are careful and calm. If the frog feels threatened it could release it’s poison. They have very little toxins, but still enough to make a person quite sick. These frogs should be handled with care because of their sensitive permeable skin.

They are common as pets because of their low toxicity, bright colors and active behavior. These animals can be purchased for an average of 50-65 dollars.
Green and black poison dart frog breeding pair.
The green-and-black poison frog

Green and black poison dart frog
See the video below of this frog in action!

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