Mantella Frog

The Mantella Frog (Mantella baroni)

Other Names: Variegated golden frog, Baron’s mantella or Madagascar poison frog

Mantella Frog on the bark of treeThere are many different frog breeds throughout the world, but one of the most interesting breeds is the mantilla frog.  As one of the best known poisonous frogs in the world, the mantella frog comes in a variety of different vibrant colors to help ward off predators due to their venomous nature.

Daily Meal Expectations

Mantella frogs eat a variety of different insects including termites, fruit flies, and ants due to the fact that their meals provide them with alkaloid toxins.  Considering that they reside in Madagascar, they are equipped with poison to protect them from other dangerous predators.  Although their toxins are not strong enough to kill other predators, their poison can make dangerous creatures sick.  The poison in this species is also known to provide a disgusting taste to predators that are interested in having them as a meal.

Vibrant and Bright Coloring

The mantella frogs have skin that secretes toxin and they also adorn incredibly vibrant colors.  The brighter the frog is, the more toxic they are, which helps them to be avoided by predators.  Although their coloring can be quite beneficial for their daily activities, in order to maximize their survival rate, mantella frogs are diurnal rather than nocturnal.

Short Legs and Non-Webbed Feet

The majority of frogs adorn webbed feet as they are known to swim through bodies of water and webbing helps to maximize the lengths that they are able to travel.  Unlike other frogs, mantella frogs move through trees and on the jungle floor, thus they do not have a need for webbed feet.  Considering that they are known to maneuver on the ground, their short legs help them to climb efficiently.

Colonies and Breeding

Every species generally lives in a type of colony or group to maximize their potential for survival and mantella frogs are no different.  Once this species become adults, they live in colonies that have the average ratio of two men for one female.  Their main method of communication during breeding season is a series of clicks that help to attract potential females. The mantella frogs are a toxic species of frog, but they are unlikely to kill their predators due to their venom.  As some of the most beautifully colored species of frogs in the world, the mantella frogs can be seen all over the jungles of Madagascar.  With their evolutionary benefits, mantella frogs are able to survive and adapt to their environment with ease.

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