Raising Poison Dart Frogs

Tips for Raising Poison Dart Frogs


The most important item to discuss is feeding. It is most important because I believe it is the most difficult part to master; several crashed cultures can lead to a quick death for young darts. Fruit flies are the most common form of food for darts and you should attempt raising a couple cultures before you get your first darts. Also having a back up source that sells cultures or pinhead crickets is good.

Tank Designs

When establishing a good dart frog environment temperature and humidity are very important to master. Dart frogs like many frogs breathe through their skin. Their skin must remain moist to allow air to exchange. Higher temperatures and good airflow required to simulate darts natural habitat is often the enemy of high humidity. Several vivarium designs can easily achieve this effect.

Health & Maintainence

Dart frogs are usually very simple to maintain once an equilibrium is reached in their vivarium. However, these are exotic animals that are susceptable to a variety of health problems including but not limited to parasites, leasions, bacterial infections, fungi, and genetic malformations. Unfortunately resorces are limited when treating such small animals and many can die quickly without proper treatment.


Owning darts will bring a variety of challenges at a high cost but will bring you ultimate rewards. These are truely “Jewels of the Rainforests” and bring enjoyment to all that keep them. This is very apperent if you ask any frogger “How many frogs do you have? and do you want any more?”