Smooth Sided Toad Facts

Smooth Sided Toad (Rhaebo guttatus)

Other names include: Bufo guttatus, bufo toads,  bufonidae toad

Class: Amphibia

Family: Bufonidae

Range: Northern South America

Smooth sided toad call

Size: Males reach 4 – 6 inches while the females grow up to 10 inches in length.

Habitat: Smooth-sided toads inhabit tropical and subtropical  regions in wetland areas with rivers, streams, freshwater marshes and pools. They can usually be found under leaf litter in the rain forests.

This is one of very few toads with smooth skin. They are active during the night and day feeding on prey. Their list of prey includes the usual insects and small mammals, essentially eating whatever will fit in their mouths. They use their sticky tongues to catch and feed on live prey.

These toads secrete a toxin that could cause heart failure if ingested, so handle these toads with caution. The “Bufotoxin” is found in fatty glands behind their eyes. This is a defense mechanism to help them avoid predators. They are very weak jumpers and quite slow. This toxin is the smooth sided toads main line of defense.


A pair of smooth sided toads in a small cave.

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