Tomato Frog

The Tomato Frog (Dyscophus guineti)

These amazing amphibians are from Madagascar. They have the ability to puff up to warn predators and also look larger than they are to prevent being eaten. They will emit a toxic substance from their skin when they are frightened. The Dyscophus guineti is a fairly popular frog among pet owners. As you can see in the images below they are quite large, and do indeed look like a tomato.

This species is mostly nocturnal, feeding at night on insects and invertebrates. The male tomato frog is darker colored than the female. The images below show the darker male in the top two pictures and the brightly colored female on the bottom.

Large Tomato species from

Up close face of tomato frog

Side view of a smaller but very colorful tomato frog2 tomato frogs resting in a small cave like structure

The tomato frog from Madagascar

The tomato frog from Madagascar

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